(Affiliated to PDDSU, Sikar)

NAAC Accredited

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About Us:


College acknowledges the importance of 'A healthy mind in a healthy body' to enhance competitiveness and sportsman spirit, the college encourages participation of students in several extra-curricular activities within and outside college. College has its own unique stadium with well maintained indoor and outdoor games play grounds like cricket, tennis, football, basketball, volley ball etc.

List of Sports Material
  • Basket Ball

  • Basket Ball Net                        

  • Cricket Bat                              

  • Cricket Ball                             

  • Cricket Batting Leg Guard       

  • Cricket Batting Gloves 

  • Wicket Keeper Leg Guard       

  • Wicket Keeper Hand Gloves   

  • Cricket Helmet            

  • Wicket                                    

  • Cricket Score Book               

  • Discus                                     

  • Foot Ball                                 

  • Javelin                                     

  • Knee Cap & Elbow